Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Data protection

Architecture Center Ltd respects all the privacy protection laws and guarantees all the users logging in and registering on the website that their data will be protected in the appropriate manner according to the provisions of English law. All the users of www.architecture- remain anonymous and it is only up to the user to decide when to log in or register.

Data sharing

Architecture Center Ltd collects the data from system logs (the information that the user’s computer shares with the server at every connection including various types of data, e.g. IP address which shows the connection path). This information will be used by Architecture Center Ltd for technical purposes related to server administration. The IP addresses are used to gather general, statistical demographical information (e.g. about the connection source). These data are made available to all interested parties, but they exclude any information allowing user identification.

User registration

The registration form was created to gather information that will allow us to develop the service in such a way that it fulfils the users’ expectations. Information about the users will also be used to create promotions and competitions for Architecture Center Ltd users. By filling in and sending the form you agree to have your personal data processed according to the personal data protection law. Architecture Center Ltd does not share the data from the form with third parties.


Architecture Center Ltd uses “cookies” to ensure proper functioning of the system. “Cookies” are written only for the period of running the browser. “Cookies” contain information written by the server on the user's computer in the cookie.txt file that the server can read when reconnecting from this particular computer.

Data modification

Each user has the right to modify his or her data. According to the personal data protection law, all users who registered or logged in to the website can remove or modify their personal information. Both the registration and the removal of personal data from is voluntary and can be done by sending an e-mail to

Changes in the privacy policy

Architecture Center Ltd will inform its customers about all the changes in the privacy protection policy that may be caused by changes in English law, internet technology development or the development or introduction of new Architecture Center Ltd products and services.

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