Remote Learning Started as a Necessity. Now It’s the Future of Education

Remote Learning Started as a Necessity. Now It’s the Future of Education

Why Remote Learning Is the Future of Education

Why Remote Learning Is the Future of Education

The pandemic gave rise to online classes, courses, and training. Remote learning is a new norm that won't end when the pandemic does. Click here to learn why.

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Online learning has grown in popularity as a conventional method of learning since the onset of the coronavirus. Although students experienced an immediate learning curve when the world shut down and education transitioned to digital, they quickly have adapted to the "new normal".

Keep reading to learn more about how remote learning opportunities have evolved in recent years.

Evolution of Remote Learning

The COVID-19 pandemic forced schools worldwide to shut down. When social distancing and stay-at-home orders were implemented, over 1.2 billion kids were displaced from their traditional education systems.

Because education remained a priority for many countries, a system of remote learning quickly emerged.

Public and private schools were challenged to adapt to an online forum. Because of the imminent need, many schools quickly rose to the occasion by providing technology and training to students and teachers to make online learning possible.

Prior to the pandemic private and public virtual schools were used as accessories for traditional education or an opportunity for homeschooled children to access a variety of courses. The virtual learning that has taken place during the pandemic has attempted to socialize children as well.

Are Online Courses Effective?

Researchers indicated that students only retain 8 to 10% of the information given in a traditional classroom setting. Students have been able to learn faster online allowing them to retain 25 to 60% of online classroom instruction.

This retention job can be attributed to the lack of blank space in an academic day online. Because everything is so focused on the spotlight teacher e-learning requires 40 to 60% less time to be absorbed by students.

The greatest contrast in education for younger age groups is the structure of a classroom setting. Young students are easily distracted and if they are in a room with a lot of stimuli can be redirected from the online classroom.

Because students have been submerged in a society based around digital learning they are much more likely to carry positive digital learning habits.

Benefits of Online Learning

Online courses are designed to mirror that of a traditional classroom. However, there are certain features that make online learning more accessible and manageable than in a traditional classroom.

Keep reading to learn all about the benefits of online learning.

Go at Your Own Pace

When it comes to post-secondary education it’s important that you have the opportunity to build your own schedule. As different life commitments begin to startup you need to be able to have the flexibility to manage your time.

Additionally, online materials give you the opportunity to revisit past material and stop lectures to perform additional research to better organize your notes in real-time. This allows you to ensure that you master the material before moving on.

In a traditional classroom, the inability to keep pace is often overlooked because there is a need for the teacher to keep to a firm schedule.

Ability to Build Out Your Schedule

Because online courses offer no set class times there is flexibility to help you build out your own schedule. Students that have been emerged in online educational classes have superior time management skills.

This is something that employers value later in life. Online classes are designed to ensure that you are attending meetings and keeping a productive work log in building out your professional résumé.

Increased Reliance on Communication Skills

An online environment requires that you be proactive in communicating in collaborating. As you work with others you’ll develop critical leadership skills that can be used later in life.

For many students, it’s much less daunting to communicate behind a screen or text box. This can actually lead to a potential rise in classroom participation and simplify collaborative projects.

One of the most common platforms for virtual communication collaboration is online discussion boards. This allows an individual to publish their thoughts clearly and then filtered through responses to engage in constructive dialogue.

Expanded Abilities on Technological Platforms

By transferring the world to online learning during the coronavirus, we were able to equip students with the vital project management and communications tools of today. Students were able to use zoom, slack, Trillo, Dropbox and become much more proficient on other online applications.

Accepting students with these hard skills allows them to be more prepared and marketable as they enter the workplace.

Educational Opportunities Must Continue to Evolve

Because students have been exposed to these methods of learning, they have learned to think innovatively and effectively research. In recent years, students have had to be superior on remote learning, and they in fact would thrive in online courses.

We must continue to expose students to virtual online opportunities so that they can maintain proficiency before they enter the modern workplace.

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Lead the Way Into the Digital Age of Education

Schools have been trying slowly transition back to traditional learning we must not forget the benefits of remote learning. We must remain vigilant in creating dynamic educational programs for students.

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